On-call to provide instruction to students in accordance with established lesson plans and administrator directions. May prepare lesson plans and, evaluate and monitor students’ performance.


We appreciate your interest in the Tucson Unified School District!

The Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) is the oldest district in the state, formed when Arizona was still a territory in 1867. Encompassing 229.5 square miles, TUSD is also one of the largest districts in the state. We feature almost 90 schools, including elementary, K-8, middle, and high schools, which offer a wide range of special programs.

The district serves over 42,000 students from diverse backgrounds. They have bright futures ahead of them, thanks to our 7,700 dedicated employees. In fact, substitute teachers are a valued asset and play an important role in the education of our students. It is estimated that the average student will spend between 6 months and one year with a substitute during their K-12 school career. Thus, your time spent in the classroom will be crucial to a student’s academic success.

We value your commitment to the education of our students.

Why Choose Tucson Unified?

We are proud to offer great benefits to our Substitute Teachers. Here's a taste of what you can expect.

  • Competitive Pay
  • Professional Development
  • Long term opportunities
  • Health & Wellness Coaches and Employee Assistance Programs
  • Dedicated support team
  • And more!

Start Earning Today!

Daily Classified Rate: $125.

Daily Certified Rate: $145 and increase to $160 after 20 certified assignments are completed.

Long Term Subs (Certified Positions only) will earn $175 starting on Day 1 for extended placement requests approved by the Sub Office.

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Arizona State Retirees (ASRS) – Important Information

If you are currently an ASRS Retiree within your first year or planning to retire, please contact our office by emailing so we can review important information. Our District is proud to offer programs that offer ASRS retirees to join the workforce during your first year of requirement while still receiving your pension. Options offered through Educational Services Inc (ESI) and ESS are in accordance with state legislation and Board policy.

How do I get started?

Have a certificate? Great! Submit your application today and you could be starting your career with us in as little as one week!

Don’t have a valid certificate? No problem! Please contact our team by emailing or calling 520-225-6014 and we will help you get state certified.

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